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At Solar Energy Newcastle, we are a trusted brand when it comes to providing quality solar solutions. We have been in the industry for a long time now and have successfully provided our clients with their desired results. Our team of experts is well trained and experienced to deal with every project that comes their way.

We take pride in being a local company that has garnered a lot of name, fame, and respect through the quality service we provide to the public. Our track record has proven that our solutions are unique and unmatched by any other organisation in the country.

When it comes to solar power systems, you cannot afford to entrust your project to just anyone. You need a company that understands your requirements inside out and is well equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the energy derived from the sun, and it has been in use for ages. It has now become a trendy alternative to standard grid power. This form of energy offers many advantages, as can be seen through its application in numerous fields such as heating, lighting, electricity-generating etc.

Solar panels or photovoltaic cells provide a sustainable method for producing energy, which many people worldwide have embraced.

As with all other forms of technology, solar cells have gone through some significant developments in recent years, and there are now products that are more efficient and cost-effective. These panels have also become more attractive in terms of their appearance.

It is always better to know about the solar energy pros and cons before purchasing these cells for your home or office. If you are well aware of its benefits, you will decide whether this process is good for you.

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    Benefits of solar panels

    Solar power has many advantages compared to other forms of renewable energy. Having solar panels in your property comes along with some benefits, like;

    – It is a renewable energy source, so the supply will never be depleted. It makes it an excellent choice for people who are concerned about environmental issues.

    – It has been proven to be eco-friendly with no negative impact on the environment whatsoever.

    – Since there is no burning of fossil fuels or emission while using solar panels, it is a viable alternative energy source for those conscious about their carbon footprint.

    – Solar panels can help you save money and live green! You won’t have to worry about skyrocketing electricity bills as your system will produce more than enough power for your home year-round so that you can stay connected to the grid without worries.

    – Solar power systems also do not require much maintenance, and they can last for more than 20 years. These cells need only minimal upkeep after installation.

    Types of solar panels

    The different types of solar panels available are:

    • Monocrystalline solar panels are known for their high conversion efficiency, the ratio of how much energy is converted into electricity. These panels use a single crystal to absorb light and convert it into electricity. Because of the size of these monocrystalline panels, they have a slightly higher output than thin-film solar panels but are more expensive. Monocrystalline panels are the best performing type of solar panel.
    • Polycrystalline solar panels are similar to monocrystalline panels, but the only difference is that they use less pure silicon crystals.
    • Amorphous silicon solar cells- these solar panels are made of non-crystalline silicon that is less efficient than monocrystalline panels.

    Which solar panels will be most suitable for your home?

    When choosing the size and type of solar panel required for your home, you’ll need to consider whether you want to use solar panels just for electricity or if you want to make use of hot water too. For example, if you only want to use solar panels for electricity, you’ll only need a smaller sized solar panel. In contrast, if you intend on using your solar panels to produce hot water, too, you’ll require two separate systems.

    Additionally, different solar panels will be used in a factory or commercial setting. So if you are looking to install solar panels on a large scale for your business, they’ll have to be manufactured specifically for that purpose.

    Different types of solar panel installations work better in various weather conditions. So it would help if you looked into solar panels that can withstand the weather in your area.

    Another thing to consider when installing solar panels is where you intend on using them. Solar electricity will be more effective if it’s used outdoors rather than inside. If you are looking for solar heating or cooling, utilising solar energy indoors is much more efficient and cost-effective.

    Solar panel installation process

    The process of installing power requires a professional who knows the ins and outs of the task at hand. Most solar providers outsource their installation needs to other companies, which are more experienced in the field.

    When it comes to the installation of a solar system, the main thing to consider is safety. Many risks come into play when it’s time to dig trenches and lay panels on your property. You must follow all the necessary safety precautions to avoid any unfortunate accidents from occurring during this phase.

    A professional installer will have experience with these tasks and know how to handle any problems. So you should find a company that has experience in installing solar systems on homes just like yours.

    Suppose you are interested in installing a home solar power system. In that case, you should be aware that the inverter needs to be wired into your household circuit breaker, which means it is essential to get an electrician involved for safety reasons. Their presence may not be necessary throughout the whole installation process, but it will make life easier if they are present on site.

    How much do you need to invest in a solar system?

    The cost of installing solar panels is not very high when compared to its benefits. The total cost of installing a solar system is divided into three parts: the installation, the equipment and the labour costs. All these costs make up around 40%, which means 60% of the money spent goes towards buying and transporting these panels after their installation.

    The cost will be affected by solar panels size, other equipment used, type of installation etc.

    At Solar Energy Newcastle, we offer quality and affordable solar systems.

    Do solar panels

    Most solar systems will only give maximum power if installed correctly, and the correct amount of sunlight is available. For this reason, most people who plan to install a solar energy system also ensure that their homes allow as much sun as possible throughout the day in the selected location. It will maximise the amount of energy generated, thus allowing a system to last longer. Although it is difficult to predict how long solar panels will last due to their different specifications and customisations, they generally have a practical life of around 30 years or more when installed by professionals with quality materials.

    At Solar Energy Newcastle, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality solar systems with the best warranties in the industry. We also ensure that our customers are satisfied with their investment, so we provide them with educational resources regarding their systems. This way, they will know how to access their energy and maximise its potential.

    What is the maintenance of solar panels?

    The maintenance of solar panels is another important consideration as it can determine how much energy is supplied to a household from the boards. Many professionals now offer maintenance services for those who have solar panels installed on their homes or businesses, which allows them to receive a steady supply of clean and free energy from the sun.

    It is also essential for property owners to hire a professional to assess their homes and inspect the best location for installing solar panels and mark the roof to determine where to install them. It will help cut down installation costs and ensure that a good number of meetings are installed on a property, producing more energy from the sun.

    How long does the installation usually take?

    Solar power installation in Newcastle can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, and there is no need for any special tools. The time it takes to install will depend on how complicated the design is, what type of building you live in and how many panels you have.


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