About Us

At Solar Panels Central Coast Co. we provide you with the best service possible at a competitive price, all while delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. We specialize in Solar Panels installation, and offer a full range of services related to solar products.

With over years experience, we are the experts on Solar Panel Installation! We provide free consultations for all our customers. Our goal is not only meet customer’s expectations but exceed them with unparalleled service that leaves each client feeling more than satisfied.


Solar Panels Central Coast Co. is committed to bringing the best quality and most affordable Solar Panel Installation service to our customers, with exceptional customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding workmanship and excellent customer service while maintaining a clean construction site.


We will always make sure your project meets all safety standards, and that your Solar Panels are installed correctly, during the project.

We will make sure our customer service representatives keep you informed of any updates in regards to your Solar Panel installation schedule so there is never a surprise when it comes to installing Solar panels on homes or businesses. We want you to feel confident knowing we have your best interests at heart.

35+ Years Experience in